Taking Every Opportunity

When we were reviewing the structure of the new website and David pointed out that we have a section for the Pastors to write a blog my immediate response was “that will be for you then”! However the fact that you are reading this shows that I have had a change of view. As I was sitting this morning with my cup of tea (yes, tea) thinking about the new site I was reminded of what was probably the first prophetic word I ever received back in 1977 and it was “don’t be like the tortoise which pulls back and hides in its shell”. When it came to this opportunity I was being a tortoise!

The other thought I had was how our experience with this new site is like our personal encounter with the Lord, when we believed in Jesus and gave our lives to Him declaring Him as Lord of our lives we were made brand new. The old was done away with and replaced with the new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) My simple encouragement to us all today is don’t be like the tortoise, don’t give in to fear or rationalise yourself out of taking that first step of obedient faith. Take every opportunity God gives you, you never know what opportunities it will give you or where it may take you.

Wherever you are at in your life as a follower of Jesus, remember you are a brand new person, the old has gone and the new (made in the image of Christ) has replaced it. Resist those feelings, thoughts, circumstances and people that would drag you back to think and live like the old you.

Finally, if you have not already done so I strongly encourage you to look to God and trust in Him for this life and the next for only in Him will you find true purpose and peace in life. Here is a simple prayer of trust:-

Heavenly Father, I don’t want to continue living my own way, I want to go your way instead and I am sorry for everything that is wrong in my life and I ask that you forgive me. I acknowledge that Jesus is my Lord, and believe with all my heart that you raised him from the dead.

Right now Lord Jesus please come into my life by your Holy Spirit and make me a brand new person. Thank you Lord that you have heard and answered my prayer. Amen

Every Blessing

Pastor Allan