Harthill Community Church is a life-giving church where everyone is family, and everyone belongs. We seek to encourage and enable people to experience God, be part of a spiritual family and to demonstrate God’s love by serving others, bringing hope to our community and beyond.




What does a life giving church look like?

Empowering Leadership – At HCC we seek to identify – recruit – train – nurture – release leaders into roles that they are created to fulfil.

Gift Orientated Ministry – The leadership at HCC recognises they have the responsibility to help believers discover, develop and exercise their gifts and to integrate them into appropriate ministries.

Passionate Spirituality – Effective ministry flows out of a passionate spirituality. At HCC we believe that Spiritual intimacy leads to a strong conviction that God will act in powerful ways. A godly vision can only be accomplished through an optimistic faith that views obstacles as opportunities and turns defeats into victories.

Inspiring Worship – Inspiring worship is a personal and corporate encounter with the living God. Both personal and corporate worship must be infused with the presence of God resulting in times of joyous exultation and times of quiet reverence. At HCC we see inspiring worship as the shared experience of God’s awesome presence.

Functional Structures – At HCC we have a ministry structure in place that both encourages leaders and trains them up and it is the process by which leaders are continuing to be created within the church.

Life groups – At HCC Life Groups are the natural place for Christians to learn to serve others – both in and outside the group – with their spiritual gifts whilst providing an opportunity to invite friends, neighbours and other family members to participate.

Evangelism – Evangelism is the responsibility of all Christians. At HCC our objective is to evangelise or win the lost through any means necessary.

Loving Relationships – HCC is a life giving church where everyone is family. We recognise people do not want to hear us talk about love; they want to experience how Christian love really works.


Harthill Community Church is a local self-governing congregation in full fellowship with the Assemblies Of God in Great Britain, and subscribes to its fundamentals of faith.

Click the link below to read the Statement of Faith for Assemblies Of God churches:



It is important to acknowledge the rich heritage and history of the church and an overview of our story is as follows:

  • The story of Harthill Community Church is best told by going as far back as 1922
  • The church started out as Harthill Pentecostal Church and was pastored by George Drysdale for over 50 years
  • In the 1960's the church moved into the building now known as The Harvest Centre
  • Over the years the church established The Harthill Choir and developed a Children's and Youth Work that reached out to and served many young people, a work that continues to this day
  • In 2014, the church became Harthill Community Church with a focus on serving Harthill and beyond
  • Harthill Community Church continues to be part of the AoG family of churches
  • In October 2021, David Seel was inducted as Lead Pastor at the church and he continued to work alongside Allan Weir, who stepped down from his Associate Pastor role in November 2022.


Meet the core team of people who lead and develop the ministries at HCC